Fight Like Hell with Governor Gretchen Whitmer

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Launched in 2023, Fight Like Hell PAC is a nationwide movement led by Governor Gretchen Whitmer to defend working people and protect our most fundamental rights.

Fight Like Hell PAC will focus the next two years on supporting President Biden and Vice President Harris’ re-election campaign, as well as helping Democrats flip the House and hold the Senate and ensuring our voice is heard in Washington.

Fight Like Hell PAC

Michigan will be critical in the upcoming 2024 election. This movement is dedicated to building on Governor Whitmer’s success in our state by supporting candidates who are fighting for everyday Americans.

We know the MAGA extremists are dead set on undermining the progress we’ve created in Michigan. We cannot let them undo everything we’ve accomplished together. That’s why we have to…

Fight Like Hell!

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Rep. Hillary Scholten

Rep. Susan Wild

Rep. Chris Deluzio

Rep. Steven Horsford

Rep. Angie Craig

Rep. Jahana Hayes

Rep. Emilia Sykes

Rep. Lauren Underwood